Our designer and goldsmith Mizuki SHINKAI began metal engravings since 18 years old. After training at a professional jewelry school, Mizuki has been involved in the creation and design of various large Japanese jewelry brands as a subcontractor. When he had a child, he started to think that his child to see many beautiful things and grow up to be a person with high sensitivity. He was inspired to create his brand for his kids, showing beautiful things with his highly refined technique and aesthetic sense. That is how he decided to start this brand. デザイナー 眞貝瑞季 1976年 東京生まれ 18歳よりstudio IMURA主宰 井村裕司氏に師事 独立後 様々なジュエリーブランドのデザイン・制作に携わる 2013年 "RICO by mizuki shinkai" をスタート     アトリエを蔵前に構える 2015年 パリにてコレクション発表 2020年2月 ブランド名を"shinkai" に変更     shinkai flagship shop KURAMAEをオープン 2022年3月 新宿伊勢丹店をオープン